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Review of our 3-fund portfolio

Last year, I shared about the 3-fund portfolio that my partner and I created as a means to grow our combined savings. It has been 1.5 years since the inception of this portfolio and it’s about time I review the performance of this portfolio. Recap: What’s in the portfolio At construction, our portfolio consisted of […]

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Tutorial on online Corporate Actions Form Submission

One of the best parts about summer is that it’s dividend season! I receive the bulk of dividends from companies I invested in during this time especially since most of them switched to semi-annual payouts instead of quarterly. This time around, Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust’s (MNACT) has offered DRP for their H2 FY20/21 distribution […]

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Sold: OCBC and DBS

As of today, I am no longer holding directly onto any local bank stocks. I sold off OCBC in February and DBS in March and here’s why. Why I sold OCBC After a holding period of almost 5 years, I made the decision to finally close my position in OCBC after it went slightly above […]

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Distribution Reinvestment Plan: Starhill Global REIT

Starhill Global REIT (SGReit) will be applying its very first Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP) to the H1 FY20/21 distribution where a total distribution of $0.0188 per unit to be paid out on 25 March 2021 was declared. What is DRP? DRP stands for Distribution (or dividend for non-trusts) Reinvestment Plan. Under the DRP, unitholders have […]

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Housing woes: can I afford an EC?

The fiancé and I have been applying for BTOs for a year now and till date have yet to be successful. We managed to get a number one time but even then our number was twice the number of available units which is as good as not getting any number. It’s been a bleak and […]

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Investing like a poker player

I have a mild addiction to a dangerous sport – Texas hold ’em. I don’t advocate gambling per se, which poker can be considered as, and I am not even a skilful player to begin with. But I do enjoy and appreciate the combination of luck and skill, and of course a bit of gamble, […]

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The death of savings accounts?

With Standard Chartered and DBS cutting their interest rates yet again from this month onwards, is there really a point in putting money in savings accounts anymore? I use DBS Multiplier account as my main account and Standard Chartered JumpStart account for mandatory savings. It is the only two banks that I currently have savings […]

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Thematic investing: cloud computing

I mentioned in a previous post that one of my coping mechanisms against frivolous spending is to deploy available funds into my portfolio. Today, I’d like to share an occasion where I did just that. Dipping into thematic investing Earlier in May 2020 I initiated a small position in a thematic ETF: Global X Cloud […]

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My investing mistakes

Now that 2020 is finally drawing to a close, it is an apt time to review my financial goals and strategies. But on top of that, I would like to also reflect on and share the mistakes that I have made since I began my investment journey so that I don’t make the same dumb […]

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Delaying gratification

The struggle of instant gratification vs. delayed gratification is something I face from time to time. I have relatively good self-control and am not on socials so I have already eliminated unnecessary spending that stems from FOMO/peer comparison. So really this struggle is a matter of reconciling my own brain (needs) and heart (wants). The […]

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